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Toilets From Hell

Catch the Toilets From Hell photos of toilets that don't work, either because of lack of privacy or lack of accessability. Please submit more photos to the Toilets From Hell project. We aim to shame!

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Tally of "Yes" Votes for Nominees for HEA Board


These are the total "yes" votes received by each of the 12 nominees for the HEA Board in the recent election. A majority of the membership needed to vote "yes" for a nominee to be elected; 27 votes were therefore needed.

Ken April - 37
\ Chris Arnold - 18
Joseph Clarke - 37
Tiger Devore - 38
Amanda Dresbach - 38
David Foulds - 31
Doug Jasper - 28
Jim Keefe - 39
Jim Lake - 43
Joseph Santigate - 31
John Trombley - 17
Ed Weaver - 16

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