Chordee is a curvature of the phallus: instead of the penis being straight when erect, it curves. The curvature can be from mild to severe, sometimes being acceptable to the individual, sometimes precluding intercourse or making erection or sex painful. This can happen as a result of scarring inside the penis from injury or infection, from scarring as a result of previous genital surgery, or from cells that bunch up in one section of the penis as a result of a DSD. If the cells had fully masculinized, they would have stretched out, but as a result of incomplete masculinization, they gather in a concentrated mass, as they would in female genitals. Some men suffer from a hardening of the spongy bodies of the penile shaft, where the blood flows in to achieve an erection. This condition is called Peyronie’s disease. It can cause both a severe curvature and shortening of the penis when erect. The scarring inside the penile bodies is called plaques. There are drugs to treat this condition in trials currently.