benefits of HEAWe emphasize information and support so that no one need suffer from the very common but very destructive feelings of shame — feelings that are not based in fact but are rather caused by societal and familial cultures which say that to be different is to be abnormal or defective. Although HEA is based in the USA, we invite participation from all people in all countries who have an interest in these congenital anomalies. Such participation means that no one needs to feel alone. We offer resources and support such as our Facebook private group (you need to be logged into Facebook). We are consistently working to create an informative and in depth knowledge base so that people with HS/ES and their families can make informed decisions about surgery, self-esteem, self-acceptance, relationships, and sexuality. Because feelings of guilt and shame are self-destructive and are not based in fact, we provide opportunities to develop pride in ourselves and compassion for others by volunteering to serve our community through becoming members of the board or committees, reaching out to new members, advocating for better care and better choices, and educating the public.