Thank God I’m Not Alone

That’s what I said to myself three years ago when I was searching the the internet for others like me. In the back of my head I could feel other like me out there but didn’t know how to find them. It is so hard to explain how good it feels to know I’m not alone. Since I was a child I dreamed of one day meeting someone like me. Someone to share what it is like to live a life of shame, fear, and darkness. A lot’s changed since I found out I’m not alone. I have met with many members here who are just like me. For the first time in my life I feel free. I no longer hold my head down, feeling I did something wrong just for being born. NO more guilty feelings or thoughts for something I had no control over. I grew up wondering what am I and who am I. No one told me anything about my body; they just let me grow up, hoping for the best. I no longer have to ask myself what’s wrong with me or any other question because I know. I have hypospadias, one in 300 born. Born with a condition beyond my control. Under those conditions I don’t accept another name for me. I want to overload my mind for a normal behavior for a person who was born under these conditions. I won’t allow others to be quick to put a nametag on me. Until the doctors and parents are educated on my condition and we can break the cycle of the future kids who are born with HS and ES. I exempt myself of any other tag placed on me. For others out there with my condition, I say relax and learn to live, don’t do what I did for many years, waste time. Rid yourself of that negative energy and feed off the positive. Ask yourself what can you do to help the kids of the future so that one day they don’t say Thank God I’m not alone .