We Never Do It for Old Men

I remember going to a extra doctor and lying down while being checked. The question of circumcision came up. The doctor very wisely advised to wait to make the decision. I was 5 or so at the time. Thank you, Doctor, whoever you are! I have that milder form, coronal. However then I had transurethral prostate surgery. The doctor made a cut to enlarge the opening and made it a bit worse. This urologist was not very well informed about hypospadias. But he was top notch to fix my BPH. I was in the Navy and Marines and in sports all through school. No one ever noticed, or if they did, I was not aware of it. I never ever met another person with the condition. I only learned the name of my condition from my military medical records. Some years back I came across a site in Korea, where for some reason they have a lot of it. I am so glad to get the information and support from this site. When younger it was little problem. Now I’m 69 and it gets to be a problem. Mostly if I stand to void, quite often I look down and my pants are wet in front! Very embarrassing! Also, it is very hard to keep the smell of urine away sometimes. The doctor told me a repair would be a nightmare talking about skin flaps and a long time. Plus “we never do it for old men.” Even though I’m only one of 300 I have never ever even met anyone who knew what it was. I felt like the only one in the world. I have 3 children and 7 grandchildren and 3 great grands. All normal.