Hard Life Challenge

I was born in northern Colorado back in 1980 with hypospadias and I had a surgery when I was about 1 year old. In my surgery they repositioned my urethra to the top left side of my penis from the bottom side. When I was little in about 3rd or 4th grade I remember a kid in school laughing at me after seeing me in the bathroom peeing out of the side of my penis. From that day on I new I was different from all the other kids. This has been a very psychologically hard to deal with problem while growing up and is still to this day. I have never really had any sort of sexual life due to the possibility of being rejected or turned down due to my condition. While growing up and watching friends get girlfriends, going on dates and eventually getting married and having family lives, I was living and still am living a very secluded life. I have been living with this for 28 years now and am still trying to get by day by day. After doing some research about this condition I have found that this is becoming a more common problem in newborns today. But even at that I have never in 28 years meet a single person with this condition. I would like to meet others with this condition and see how they have coped with this problem. I hope you post my story because this has been a really hard life challenge to deal with.