More of a Psychological Issue

I am a 27-year-old male with corrected hypospadias. I felt that I was “different” than other boys probably around the first grade due to the fact that we started peeing in the same restrooms. The boys would gather around and laugh at me trying to use the toilet. I think I had two surgeries but I am not completely sure of that. I know after the first surgery it would hurt really bad trying to bo to the bathroom. The second surgery was performed in the seventh grade and my parents just told me I was getting a “circumcision.” Yeah right! After two weeks of recovery, I was functioning like a healthy adolescent boy. I have had a couple of lovers over my lifetime, but I have never really accepted my “difference”. I am a little smaller sized than most male penises, but none of my past girlfriends have ever noticed anything different. However, I still can’t fool myself. Everyday I am remind myself of my deformity, and am still my one worst enemy. Until I can love myself I don’t think I will ever let anyone else love me back. As far as physically, all the plumbing works and my urethra actually extends close to the head of my penis. It is more of a psychological issue for me. I am treated with depression and anxiety, and find it hard to approach women; I am very self conscious in this regard. Knowing that I am not alone does help, and I hope by writing this that other men will know they are not alone either. If anyone has any good advise or tips on how to cope, feel free to email me at my address. Thank you and remember, sometimes being different is actually better.