Atypical Genitalia

Most resources conflate Atypical and Ambiguous genitalia. Atypical genitalia is probably best described as genitals that are different than what most observers would expect at birth, but unambiguously male or female in appearance. Examples would be labial hypertrophy or “winged labia”, a hydrocele that appears at first glance like a third testis/testicle, or an extended foreskin that appears “droopy” covering the penis and extending well beyond the penis when it is flaccid. Rarely, there will be a doubling of the penis, where the individual appears to have two penises; usually one functions and the other, usually vestigial or smaller organ, does not. None of these require surgery, but often surgery is performed to “correct” the genital difference. Genitals may also be absent, called agenesis, but this is also very rare.